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Thread: An Elegant Trio

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    An Elegant Trio

    Hello all. I have been pondering girl names lately and three names have struck a chord with me: Estella, Araminta and Seraphina. I have always loved all three but put them side-by-side and ah, pure romance, vintage and elegance. Wouldn't they make a great sib-set? (with the wild dreams of having three girls of course). Let the comments flow! I want to hear some middle names from you all
    Estella Lucia Cora Seraphina Xanthe Araminta Penelope Phaedra Hermione Clarissa
    Axel Oscar Hendrick Hans Percy Luca Dieter Augustus Cyrus Hugo Keats Ames

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    If I met sisters named Estella, Araminta, and Seraphina, I would most likely hug the parents. They're gorgeous together.

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    ...Absolutely stunning trio.
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    They are such beautiful, ethereal, elegant names together!

    I think because they are so elaborate, you'd want to keep middle names simpler and shorter.....

    Estella Jade
    Estella Mae
    Estella Paige
    Estella Neve

    Araminta Rose
    Araminta Eve
    Araminta Fleur
    Araminta Saige

    Seraphina Wren
    Seraphina Brynn
    Seraphina Maeve
    Seraphina Quinn

    Or you could go with a 'theme' for their middle names, such as a significant word that you aspire to with each of them.....

    Estella Hope
    Araminta Grace
    Seraphina Faith

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    Those are definitely not my style, but do go lovely-ly together I especially like Estella and Araminta together

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