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    Need help naming Baby Boy #3!

    We are expecting our third baby boy, and are totally stuck on finding a name. We prefer names NOT in the top 100, (usually more like 400+) but nothing too weird or unusual. Big brothers' names are Brooks Patrick and Boston O'Shea. *We are NOT stuck on using 'B' names (that is just a coincidence). Baby #3's middle name will definitely be 'Ray' - in honor of family- but we are totally stuck on finding a first name that we love as much as Brooks and Boston. So far our list contains:

    Justus Ray
    Dashiell Ray
    Lachlan Ray
    Baylor Ray
    Judah Ray

    What's your favorite? Any other ideas that stand strong with sibs Brooks and Boston? HELP!

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    Dashiell is cute. I also think Lucien and Rhys sound nice with Brookes and Boston.

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    I like Justus, Dashiell, or Judah best with your older boys' names. Overall pick: Dashiell Ray.

    Baylor would go with the B's, but Baylor Ray doesn't flow to me because they both have the -ay in them.

    Lachlan fits the sort of Irish middle name theme, but for a first name it doesn't quite fit to me.
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    I really like Judah Ray.

    Dyson Ray, Harris Ray, Coben Ray, Harlan Ray, Saxon Ray, Xander Ray.

    Harlan Ray or Harris Ray are my favourite with your other boys' names.

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    My favourite from your list is Lachlan ray


    Corbin Ray, Vaughan Ray/ Vaughn Ray, Levi Ray, Roman Ray, Dexter Ray, Crosby Ray, Archer Ray, Cohen Ray, Lennox Ray, Malone Ray, Cormac Ray, Lucius Ray, Lorcan Ray, Luther Ray, Vesper Ray, Pascal Ray, Wolfram Ray, Linus Ray, Conrad Ray, Brannagh Ray, Roscoe Ray, Wesley Ray, Gable Ray, Breaker Ray, Bramwell Ray.

    I also like Beau, Bram & Blaise/ Blake with your sibset but I'm not sure if they'd work with Ray (Raymond maybe?) or they could, depending on your surname.

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