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    I think all your girls names sound nice with Ruby. Eloise is also a lovely name.

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    isabellemarie: Margo(t) is being added to the list! Thanks! I like it because it is a little different and unexpected and DH likes it because while being different, it's not "out there" (as he deems Astrid and Vada). More like that would be just what we are going for!

    je m'appelle...: Mila, Lydia, and Mara are being added. They all have the spunk we are looking for. DH like Lydia least out of all of those but is willing to put it on the list!

    maddiejadore: We both liked Olive, it has the qualities we're going for. Great suggestion! The others are a little too stuffy? for us.

    tddzwife: The problem is all three are pretty popular and not just in general, but in our circles. We have 3 friends who named DDs Sophia, so we took that off the list. We were loving Emma despite its popularity and then 1 friend named a DD Emma and another a DD Emmalynn. It's just starting to lose its charm even though we still love it. We have 1 friend currently pregnant with a Lily and while we'd still be willing to use it, it just doesn't seem to fit this child. We are thinking about it in a middle spot though (i.e. Emma Lily Jeannette).

    emilyva: So many great suggestions! We have a Corah, Leah, Olivia, Madeleine, Phoebe, Rosalie, Serena, and Lyla in our family/circles so those are out. But the rest you suggested are pretty much right up our alley! I like Daphne a lot and something about Marigold is standing out to me. DH didn't have much to say on those yet but we'll see

    ella17: I agree about Eloise! But it's been used in our family At least we have an Eloise running around I suppose!

    As I was thinking about names last night, this one came to me: Agnellina. It's an Italian form of Agnes that means "little lamb" as was the nickname of one of my patron saints. We could give her the nickname Angie, which would anchor it more for DH. What do you think? We like names with meaning (Ruby's name is jam-packed with meaning for us that we didn't even realize until we picked her name!) and this one definitely does, plus it has the spunk we like. I thought of it after DH was asleep/he left for work while I was still sleeping so I haven't been able to run it past him yet.
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    I love Chiara. I love Eleanor, but not with Peter as they both have -r. Sorry for any repeats... With Ruby, I'd stay away from another noun-y name (it can be more like a shopping list than kids sometimes), and names that end in -y... too matchy.

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    Ruby and Odette
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    Ruby and Nova
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    Ruby and Tabitha
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    tfzolghadr: Awesome suggestions! Jeannette will definitely be a mn as my mom's name was Jeannette (and her mom's!). My name is Theresa so that's out lol I am really loving Johanna though! Although I couldn't use Jeannette as a mn then...hmm maybe Johanna as a way to honor my mom more indirectly? Ruby is that way-- her name honors my mom because her birthstone was the ruby. I surprised myself and really like Felicia; it's a little spunkier than Felicity. I have a cousin named Annamarie and she is named after our great-grandmother Anna Marie-- honestly I'd never even considered it as a name for a child of mine although I think it's beautiful. We've tossed around Anabella a bit.
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