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    Hazel Elisabeth is nice... I'm not a big Elisabeth fan, but this is my preferred spelling.
    I also really like repeating sounds in my combos, so I'll give this a shot.
    Hazel Emilia or Hazel Sabella are sticking out to me. I think Sabella would be a great option. It's less common than Isabella and Elisabeth, but still related and familiar.
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    EDD: 4/14/2018 It's a girl!

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    To me, Hazel's mn should start with a consonant, not a vowel sound. Something hard like d or a k sound. And, if the mn is two syllables, the accent should be on the second syllable. Perhaps I'm too traditional in that...
    Hazel Christine
    Hazel Dianne

    These sound right to me, although Christine and Dianne are names I strongly dislike. I just couldn't find anything else to better illustrate my point.

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    Hazel Isabella! It seems more fresh. Elizabeth is wonderful, but it's kind of like Marie and Anne. Good Luck!

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