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Thread: Anne/Annie

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    My husband and I are thinking ahead to names for a 2nd child (I'm not pregnant yet). Our daughter, Margaret (Maggie, usually) was almost Anne or Annie and that is still a name we would love to use for a daughter.

    Here's the problem: Annie is the name we really want, but I'm not a fan of informal names on a birth certificate. Add to that disinclination the fact that Maggie has a formal name and that sisters Margaret and Annie sound - I don't know, off-balance.

    So, Anne is the other option with Annie reserved for the nn. Problem here is that our last name is a 2-syllable name that starts with "A," meaning that "Anne A____" sounds a bit choppy or a bit like Anna...

    So, what to do? Annie or Anne?
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    I agree with you that Margaret and Anne works better, so thats what I would choose.
    And I love the name Anne...

    And it can be charming with names that starts with the same initials...

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    I've had this same conflict. I love Annie as well, but I've never been crazy about any of the "formal" names to get to Annie. What finally made me replace Annie with Anne was, essentially, how out of place Annie looked as a full name on my list. To be fair, Annie has been used on its own for at least 150 years. We're talking about a name that was top 10 around the turn of the century and didn't leave the top 100 until 1947. The lowest Annie has ever been on the SSA charts is #441. It's not exactly unusual as a given name.

    How does Annie sound with your last name? Even if you do put Anne on the birth certificate, if you're calling her Annie A___ the problem won't be as noticeable.

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    I adore Annie, though I prefer Anna as the full name. I think Margaret and Anne work better together though, and Maggie and Annie make amazing sisters. I don't think Anne A___ is a problem, especially if you're going to call her Annie. I would put Anne on the BC though, how often will she be called by her full name anyway and if someone mishears it as Anna, it's not too difficult to correct them to Anne or Annie.

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    What about Anneliese? That was on our list before we found out we are having a boy and we intended to call her Annie, but wanted a formal name that was a little more interesting than "Anne". Anne Frank was actually Anneliese.
    For full names, I think Margaret and Anneliese sound lovely together and Maggie and Annie is so cute.

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