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    I think Harper is really beautiful. I love it paired with Rebecca too.
    It's one of those names that people will either love or hate. If you love it, go with it.

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    I love Harper! It is very popular right now but for good reason.

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    I like Harper but only for girls...

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    It sounds rather masculine so I prefer it on boys. It's shot up for girls but I find it unattractive

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    I've never met a male named Harper. Seems like a girl name to me. I guess I don't really follow celebrity gossip, because I wouldn't have made the Beckham connection. The only Harper I can think of besides Harper Lee is the best friend character on the tv show Wizards of Waverly Place (no, I'm not a teenager, my niece used to watch that show).

    I think it's an okay name, just not really my style. Harper Rebecca sounds nice.

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