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    Thoughts on the name Harper ?

    Harper to me has many great meanings, firstly it refers to a harp that an angel plays and it is the name of the author of To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee).

    I would choose this name for a girl, and her full name would be Harper Rebecca.

    When I tell friends about this name choice they often question it. Isn't that a last name? Sounds like a boys name?
    It is a last name but it is unisex and Victoria Beckham's baby girl is named Harper too.

    I really do love this name, but I would like to get some other opinions on it. This is most certainly my top name for a girl I would have.
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    Harper seems to be a very acceptable name for a girl, though it isn't one of my personal favorites. I know of at least two little girl Harpers born in the past year or so. I also love the Harper Lee connection!
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    I think Harper is a nice name. I like it about equally for a boy or a girl. Rebecca grounds the name and gives it a nice vintage feel as a combination.
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    I think Harper is cute and feisty....but overdone at the moment. Not only is the name for 3 celebrity babies right now...but it is also really popular with the rest of America. Even in Canada (where I live), I've seen it done quite a few times.

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    I really love all the other names on your girls' list: Harper, Athena, Phoebe, Lola, Violet, Eloise.

    I just don't feel like Harper really fits, it's a bit trendier. I could definitely see Athena & Phoebe as sisters or Lola, Violet, & Eloise, but Harper doesn't seem to work with the others.

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