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Thread: Ada vs. Matilda

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    Ada vs. Matilda

    So as of right now Ada and Matilda are our top choices for our baby girl due in September. I am really torn between the two. As of now are middle name contenders are

    Ada Frances Rose
    Ada Lucille
    Ada Violet

    Matilda Frances
    Matilda Lucille
    Matilda Ruby- though Ruby has a somewhat trendy feel to me
    Matilda Violet
    I admit I am having a hard time finding a middle name with Matilda that I LOVE. Probably why I have passed on the name before. Other middle names that are out are Elisabeth, Katharine, Margaret and Louise.

    Thanks Berries!

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    I prefer Ada. Ada Violet is lovely, what do you think of Ada Vivian and Ada Natalie?
    I don't really like Matilda, it's not my style and somewhat trendy but if I had to choose, then Matilda Frances would be my pick.

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    I adore both Ada and Matilda, so I'd have a hard time picking between the two, to be honest! Regarding combos, both Ada Frances Rose and Ada Violet are gorgeous. For Matilda, I like Matilda Ruby and Matilda Violet best, though I understand your concern about Ruby's trendiness. I'd also suggest Matilda Pearl or Matilda June.

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    I love both Ada and Matilda! So I have the same problem as katekadleck had. Both are one my list but I have really been lovely Matilda more than Ada lately. I have seen the suggestion of Ada Violet a couple of times on here so I wouldn't go for that, I also have Violet Ada on my list. I like your combos of Matilda Ruby and Matilda Violet the most but I will suggest, Matilda Claire, Matilda Evelyn and Matilda Cathleen or any other names in my signature.

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