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    While it's not a name I plan to use, I really like Harper! I can see it on any age group, any profession, or what have you. It's really sweet and spunky at the same time. I immediately think of Harper Lee when I hear this name, also love that connection! Harper Rebecca is a great name combo too!

    Where I live, it's not popular for either gender. In fact, there is only one Harper in our town..a little girl adopted from China, and that's the name her adoptive parents loved for a daughter, if they ever had one! I never really knew it was a surname or unisex name, for a long time. I never met a male Harper and I only recently met a guy who has it as a surname.
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    As a girls name, I love it. I was pleasantly surprised when the Beckhams announced it for their daughter. I've never thought of it as a boys name though, perhaps because of Harper Lee.
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    I really dislike this name because of the Harpy.

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    I love Harper. It's probably my favorite 'unisex' name. tho I only really like it for a girl. It has gotten very popular though. Skyrocketed is a good word for it.
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    I like the name, but in America it's skyrocketing in popularity. They seem to be around every corner. I remember just five years ago probably, I thought it was such an interesting name. The only time I had every heard it was on Harper Lee and I knew a grown man with the name but that was it. I personally wouldn't use it, but it's a decent name and it's not obnoxious to me.

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