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    I quite like Harper, for both genders. I think it is fine on a girl, rabidly popular, in fact. It's quickly edging up on the top 10--it ranked number 24 last year. I can easily see it replacing Madison for the unisex name for the 2010s in the top 10 in the US. Harper Rebecca is lovely, though--sweet, and refreshing as far as Harper combos go. As trendy as it gets, I think I'll always like it. It has a wonderful, sweet, literary feel about it. I agree with the pp, though--it doesn't really go with Athena, Phoebe, Lola, Violet, or Eloise. They're all unmistakeably feminine, and much less trendy than Harper is. Still, I love it as a name.
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    I think Harper is a great name. Oddly, it is the last name of the current Canadian Prime Minister who has become rather unpopular. For that reason, it might be less popular in Canada than the US!

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    I really don't understand Harper. The sound isn't particularly pleasant and it isn't feminine, yet it continues to rocket up the charts. Harper Lee doesn't even go by Harper; she goes by Nelle.

    The harpy connection bothers me too.

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    I think Harper is a great name! An interesting, charming name for a girl. It's unusual but not too much so. It's becoming more popular, but so what. I think it's a very nice name!

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    A few years ago, Harper Renee was my absolute favorite name. But then Harper started popping up everywhere, and it sort of lost its appeal. I like Harper, but I'm leaning towards it as a boys name in the middle.
    If it's your favorite name, then go for it. But be warned that it's skyrocketing in popularity.

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