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    I love it when kids have the mom's maiden name as either their first or middle name, I say use it! Since it's only one sylible I would use a longer middle with it.
    Locke Nathaniel
    Locke Benjamin
    Locke Samuel
    Locke Alexander
    Locke Sebastian
    Locke Theodore
    Locke William
    Locke Mathew
    Locke Andrew
    Locke Edward
    ~ Elisabeth Odelia "Elsie" ~ Gideon Boone ~
    ~ Adelheid Ruby "Addie Rue" ~ Theodore Solomon "Teddy"~
    ~ Casilda Josephine "Cassie Jo" ~ Zaccheaus Westley "Zeke" ~

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    I like the longer middles also (since you have a short fn/ln goin on)

    I'll put in another vote for Locke Alexander!

    Some others not mentioned (off the top of my head):
    Locke Harrison
    Locke Francis
    Locke Weston
    Locke Gregory
    Locke Christopher

    Good luck

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    I think it can work with a longer more traditional name in the middle. I liked the suggestions of Locke Henry and Locke Benjamin. Maybe if Locke is a little out-there for your husband, you could compromise by letting him choose the middle.

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    In your situation, I think Locke sounds like the perfect name. Normally, I'd be relatively mediocre about the name, but with the family significance this name can't be beat. As far as middle names go, something longish with a bit of a 'softness' to it would be nice. How about:
    Locke Julian*
    Locke Finnian/Finnegan
    Locke Amaury
    Locke Aurelio
    Locke Theodore
    Locke Oliver

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    I think of Lost too! I think it's a nice enough surname to put it in the first name spot. I think something soft, yet substantial in the middle, maybe longish works best. Locke might be mistaken for Luke.
    Locke Elijah
    Locke Gideon
    Locke Maxwell
    Locke Donovan

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