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    Which one is best: Cozette, Cosette, or Colette?

    Ever since the movie Les Miserables; I've been obsessed (I mean OBSESSED) with the name Cosette. Now being a berry on this site; I've been seeing a lot of forms of this name. I was just wondering what YOU thought sounded better and if there are any other forms.

    What I know:
    - Cosette (the original form)
    - Cozette (I love z names and add z's to a lot of names: Zayden, Zella, Zephyr, Zanna (I prefer Xanna), Zolton.. etc. I can go on ;-)
    - Colette (I found this in the nameberry forums)
    Currently searching for that perfect name...

    The Favorites For Now (constantly change):

    Esperance, Dagny, Victoria, Isis, Aurora, Astoria, Calypso, Pearl, Photini, Circe and so forth..

    Zayden, Ambers, Phoenix, Gabriel, Barnabas, Ethan, Roman, Sol, Auden, Oleksander, Jensen, and so forth...

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