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    Fave Name Trends

    I've been noticing a trend in my favorite girl names lately... All of them have four syllables, extremely feminine and lacy, and usually vintage.

    1. Felicity
    2. Seraphina
    3. Evangeline nn Eva
    4. Penelope nn Poppy
    5. Angelica
    6. Amalia nn Mali (Love this one especially, because of the nn)

    What are some of your naming trends?
    Micaela-13 yr old who is obsessed with names.

    Fave Girls: Felicity, Seraphina, Penelope, Evangeline

    Fave Boys: Oscar, Hugh

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    bailibsmum Guest
    All my names i like seem to end in the eeee sound lol

    My son is bailey
    daughter is liberty i like


    them sort of names and they have to be unusual!! lol

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    My name style is kind of all over. I guess I'd describe it as unusual, yet known names. Example I've never met an Elodie or Alesana, I've just heard the names on YouTube and online. Most people around my area have never heard of Oliver or Vincent. I also like names like Bronwyn, Maya, Jocelyn, Bryony, Phoenix, Caleb, and Rylan. Classic names are starting to appeal to me a lot more lately, too.
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