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    I love the name Keira. Gorgeous and feminine and not overly used. Go with that one. And the combo Keira Abigail May is sweet.

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    Keira Abigail May or Felicity Abigail. I love Keira Felicity Abigail! So pretty. - I never thought of having that name I will see what my boyfriend says.

    I don't personally care for Kayla or Katelynn... Both are quite trendy. Lucy Kassia-Lee? Kassia can be pronounced KAH-shuh. Lucy Katya-Lee could also be lovely. - I do like Kassia but I don't like pronunciation - I'd say Kass-Ia. - I know my boyfriend wont like this one though. - I kinda like Katya but it reminds me of Katie and I'm not a fan of this name ad it's too popular. - Do you think Lucy Natalya or Lucy Natalya Lee would sound Ok.

    Kianna Chelsey Jade, Kianna Paris, Kianna Angel- Kianna Paris is my favorite of these. I think Kianna Chelsey Jade is a bit of a mouthful, and Kianna Angel has too many Ns. - I agree on Angel and Chelsey Jade I just wanted people's opinions. We both love Kianna Paris best.

    I think the K spelling takes away from the name, but if you insist on it, then my vote would go to Kourtney Brooke. - I'm not really a fan of the K spelling but my boyfriend likes it.

    Ireland C.J. is pretty. Adeline Ireland sounds really rhymey, but I think Ireland might be best as a middle name. Ciara Jane Ireland? That way, if your daughter ends up being sort of shy, she could go by Ciara, but if she wanted to she could still go by Ireland. - Adelaide Ireland think I like better than Adeline anyway. I do like Ciara-Jane Ireland (NN C.J) best it was my boyfriend who like Ireland first. I kinda like Keira Jane Ireland too.

    I think Acacia Skye sounds too nature-ish, though I do love nature names. Kyra Jane Acacia would probably have a better flow than Kyra Acacia Jane. My vote goes to Kyra. - I do like Kyra Jane Acacia but it feels like it should be Kyra-Jane Acacia.

    Azalia is normally spelled Azalea, and since it's a nature name I'd go with the original. This name has beautiful aspects, but is a lot to say altogether. I'd say Azalea Gabrielle, Harper Azalea, or Gabriella Harper would be best. - I could only find the spelling Azalia so I assumed it was the original. - I like all the names together It woudln't be that many people who new the middle names all they would know is A.H so that doesn't bother me too much. - I do like Azalea Gabrielle but I know a Gabrielle and I don't want 2 A names. - Harper I'm not a fan of as a FN. I do like Gabriella Harper but it feels kind naked on its own.

    Why not use Katherine, then call her Kadi? Katherine Rose nn Kadi would be really pretty. I also can't find a meaning for Kadi, and Cadi is a Welsh short form of Catrin. Catrin Rose or Catrin Joanna would be beautiful, and you could call her Cadi all the time! It's a win-win. - I love Cadence and then use Cadi as a NN but my boyfriend don't like it. I love Katherine but I have a friend named this. I love Catrin I never thought of Cadi as NN for this. I'm just conderned as Cadi can sometimes be said as Katie. I like Cate as a NN for Catrin also.

    I don't love Shyanne (Shy Anne?) but my vote would go to Felicity Shyanne-Rose here. - It would be pronounced Shy-Anne yes. I only like this spelling as Cheyenne looks kinda odd to me and it looks like something else not Shyanne.

    This is GORGEOUS. Eden May Rose is a winner. - I only thought of this as my boyfriend liked Edna May Rose and wanted as a MN but I thought It was too long as a MN.

    These are both so pretty! Heidi Bianca is my favorite of the two. - This one is my fave also.

    I know Angharad is a legit name, but it just looks funny. Does it sound similar to Ingrid? If so, I'd just use Ingrid. - No it's pronounced Ang-Har-AD. - I'm not a fan of Ingrid it's too old for me.

    I don't love Kaylin, but Keira Mae Ruby would be a sweet, classy combo. - I never thought of Keira I don't like Keira Mae Ruby it feels like it needs to be Keira-Mae but I do like Keira Ruby-Mae. - If I used Eden this would be out though.

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    Kadi I like as a NN for Kadence/Cadence but my boyfriend don't the name so I wanted to see if anyone else could come up with another name and having Kadi as NN.

    Eden May Rose - my boyfriend wanted Edna May Rose - His nan Edna May and my nan Rose. He wanted Edna May Rose as MN but I thought it was too long so I made I thought of Eden instead of Edna.

    I can understand what you mean about Ireland but I was thinking of having Ciara Jane Ireland or Keira Jane Ireland instead.

    Thank you - mrs_anton_yelchin1990 - I like this one also.

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