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    Baby girl almost here --- stuck on names!

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    I love Araxie Josephine. My second choice would be Calla Beatrice.
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    Araxie Lotus would be INCREDIBLE. I like all your names with the exceptions of Phoenix (a tad too strange, though a cool concept. NN Nixie, maybe?) and Anice (pronunciation problems, some that could be tease-worthy).

    Favorite middles for each:
    Araxie Beatrice
    Laila Josephine
    Calla Marie
    Lotus Louisa
    Electra Grace
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    Araxie --- I love this! As an American, I would pronounce this "A - rax - zee" and it seems straightforward spelling if that is the right way to say it.
    Laila ---- pretty
    Calla --- pretty
    Lotus ---- I think this is a little too matchy with Cedar, just my opinion, both fragrant slightly exotic plants.
    Phoenix ---- I think you have better options.
    Anise --- I think this is a good name, but I guess I think with Cedar, I wouldn't go with another word name (like Phoenix, Lotus or Anise)? I don't know why, maybe one word name turns into a name but if you have a bunch of kids with non-word names it might seem odder? But if you like it great!
    Electra ---- I would associate this not with freud but with electricity. Or Carmen Electra? I think this is an ok choice too.

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    Araxie - This name sounds really harsh to me.

    Laila - This is my fave from your list. Then again, I just prefer more feminine sounding names on girls. This one is really soft and sweet.

    Calla - I like this one, but don't love.

    Lotus - All right for a middle name...wouldn't use as a first.

    Phoenix - LOVE this name. Prefer it on a boy, but I think it could work on a girl.

    Anise - Reminds me of Denise. Which kind of sounds dated.

    Electra - WAAAAAYYY too out least for me.

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