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    Gerrit - could we pronounce it like Garrett?

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    My friend is Dutch and her father is a Gerrit - pronounced with a 'Kheir - it' sound. But he is in Holland but I am not sure if other countries would get it and it would be a situation where you would have to just correct people on pronunciation.

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    I think unless you're Dutch or have knowledge of the language or names, then Gerrit as being closer to Garrett would be the most common way of attempting to say it. Reading the Ger as a Kher sound isn't instinctive to most English speakers at all.

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    The first person who came over to the US in our family was a Gerrit (i believe thats the spelling) - my brother holds the name Garrett in honor of him GAIR IT is how we pronounce his name.

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    I don't like the idea of purposefully mispronouncing an ethnic name to make it "easier." It would be like naming your daughter Saoirse and pronouncing it "say-oh-ir-see" or something silly like that. If I came across a Gerrit who pronounced his name as Garrett, I would assume Gerrit was just a misspelling. I would have no idea of the Dutch heritage. In my opinion, when you drop the Dutch pronunciation, you drop the heritage as well.
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