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Thread: Maternity Leave

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    Maternity Leave

    What do you plan on doing once the baby arrives? Take a full year off for maternity leave? Take a couple weeks/months off and then go back to work or become a stay at home mom/parent for as long as you can?

    Seeing as I am not in this particular situation, it's hard to tell how differently I am going to feel once I do get pregnant and deliver but DH and I have been chatting about this since we are TTC, and have discussed not taking a full year off. It would go against us financially if I did. Anyone go back to wok after a couple of months? What was that like? Did you regret it?

    As for everyone else, what do you plan to do?
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    Well, we're not pregnant (yet), but I'm planning on taking a year off after we have a baby. I don't know what I'll do beyond that, but I can't see remaining out of the workforce for any longer than twelve months. Don't know where you live, but, in Australia, we have a new paid parental leave scheme, which entitles stay at home parents to eighteen weeks maternity leave at basic pay. So we'll take advantage of that, but my husband's wage should cover us for the remainder of the year. Then...I don't know what! If I go back to work, we'd have to worry about childcare, so I don't know what our plans will be. Ask me again in a year! But I'll probably go back to work after twelve months.
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    Well, here in America most people have the option of taking 6 weeks off, and that's about it. So for someone who's not becoming a SAHM, taking a year off is very unusual.

    I only work PT from home, so will continue doing that shortly after birth (probably a month or so)...but I plan on returning to school "full time" when the baby is about 7 months old.
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    I'm self-employed so my "maternity leave" consists of figuring out what to do with my clients for the summer, luckily everyone is excited and willing to work with me...the plan is to return to a quasi-normal schedule September 1, but I have a couple projects I'll most likely be working on in August. I work from home though, so while it'll be a challenge, it's a pretty good situation.

    DH gets a week off and will probably take an extra week of personal days.
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    I am taking a year off for our second child from my full-time job. My husband is a shift worker and gets an average salary.

    I only took off 6-9 months for our first (I had a few contract jobs and then landed a permanent job). We saved enough to cover my salary for a year this time round.

    Ideally I will like to go back part-time (2 days a week) for the social aspect and my job contributes to the community so I do miss it. I love spending time with my girls too. The problem is my salary isn't great enough to really have decent savings as well as paying for daycare so I might have to find another job.
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