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    Going a little of topic, I'd like to point out that being outgoing, unconventional, original, and confident doesn't mean you will have a child with those characteristics. He/She could very well turn up to be shy, conservative, sensitive to other people's opinions, or reserved —*personality traits that might make a more "out there" name difficult to bear throughout life.

    Not to disencourage you to use the name you love (I do like Apple), but I do think people shouldn't use children's names only as a way to express their own personal sense of originality/uniqueness, but also a gift to an independent, individual human being who will have to use for the rest of her life, no matter the path she decides to follow, and it shouldn't be a factor to limit their choices in life.
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    I think it would be a shame to give your baby a moniker which most people would regard as really OTT as a formal name. It is fine as nickname and I would be fine with that but truly it would be a step too far for me.

    I like the idea of either naturey names or Appolonia.


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