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    Well, here's how I see it.
    If you name her Lucille Apple or Pomona Lucille, you can nickname her Apple at home, and if she likes it she can cheerfully introduce herself with a, "Hi, I'm Lucille Apple Surname, call me Apple." And that's no big deal.
    If you name her Apple Lucille and she hates it, then she's going to wince every time she introduces herself. "Yes, I'm Apple Lucille Surname, but please just call me Lucille."

    There's a big difference between going by a different name because you love it versus because you hate it. (Of course in most situations she could just say "Hi, I'm Apple" or "Hi, I'm Lucille" without mentioning her first name, but that's not always true, especially if her legal name is needed for some reason, like on a job application.)

    I also have some trouble saying Apple Lucille, it slurs into Apalucille. I adore the middle name Lucille though. Why not just go for Poppy Lucille or Opal Lucille?

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