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    As cute as it is, I don't think it would age well at all. You've got to think of your kid. If you can picture an adult Ms. Apple Lastname then go for it, but personally i think it falters in a professional setting. The name Avalon means apple tree, so you could use Apple as a nn or pet name. Or Appoline is nice.

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    Hahaha I think it's a stripper name as well...

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    I have been in the same boat as you, I like names that are different and make a statement. I wanted to name our future son Lion. I always dance to the beat of my own drum anyway. But that being said after asking the berries what they think I was swayed to find a name where I could use the nick name Lion. I am not worried about career so much because I have half sleeve tattoos, and run my own business. I am respected and people see my tattoos as classy and tasteful. BUT a particular statement you made was "I got teased because I had the same name as everyone else, kids are just mean." The kids are just mean part sticks out. Children these days are ten times worse. I was picked on growing up (I am 23) and not saying your child will be picked on for her name but you are kind of putting a target on her back. That is why I chose to go with a name that Lion can be formed but if my son hates it he can fall back on his given name which ever we may choose.

    This is just my opinion. And I am not good with deflecting bad comments so I do not want to put myself in that situation. I rather be able to say no his real name is blah blah But in the end you go with what YOU want, that's all that really matters!
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    I'm glad you're sticking to your guns!

    Regarding the teasing thing: I don't think it's got anything to do with the name at all. Some kids will be teased no matter what their name is, I know that's cruel but it is how it is. And frankly, I'd rather my child be teased because of her name than, for example, physical appearance or other personality traits. However, if you do think your child will be a timid little wallflower, I'd hesitate about more out there names. As for everyone's worry about professionalism, that's just silly. That's what middle names are for. And I never see anyone worry the other way, what if you name your child Jane and she wants to be a shaman or a circus director? Uh oh...
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    I like Apple! Let everyone else have the trendy stuff; if you feel right about this name, do your thang

    Also: I think it's a mistake to pass up a name you love because of the potential for teasing. Kids don't get teased *because* of their unusual names--they get teased because they're shy or smart or socially awkward or physically awkward, or because other kids are envious of them or have a crush on them, or any number of other reasons. I've known Johns and Katies to get their names turned into insults because they were going to get teased regardless of the commonness of their names. (I used to teach high school.)

    Anyway, sure, the name can be used as ammo if the kid is already a likely target for teasing, but it seems like a poor reason to miss out on giving your child a name that's meaningful to you.

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