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    I honestly think it's a lose-lose choice. It's not really unique when you take one of the most "out there" celeb baby names and use it on your own child. I see Apple as a name coming across as more of a personal statement, rather than with your child's best interests in mind (I very much doubt that's the case, but it rubs me the wrong way because of that).
    Apple Martin is probably growing up just fine being named Apple Martin, and I'm sure there are many, many people with much stranger names who don't run in to any issues.
    What is it about Apple that you love?
    While looking for similarly themed lists for suggestions, I came across this article which as been discussed here before:
    I've seen an incredible amount of name remorse posts here- so many that I thought the board was full of fakers who couldn't make up their minds, but it turns out name remorse is actually a really big 'thing'.

    When you said Porcelina Opal, my first thought was Opaline or Ottoline. I LOVE Opal and Poppy, by the way! I think Opaline or Opalina "Poppy" works great. Opaline Lucille repeats some sounds, and honestly, I love that too. Most of my own favourite combos repeat L, EE, O and S sounds, actually. Ooh, Opalina Lucille sounds even better!

    With Porcelina, Opal, Poppy and Apple all being top thoughts for you, I'm going to go with some naturey names that I think work well (and aren't 'stripperish', but I'm a bad judge for that, haha) :
    Bryony/ Briony
    Garnet (I love this on a boy, but it can work on a girl, too)
    Gleam (I know someone who has this as a last name, and I think it's pretty neat)
    Pomeline/ Pomellina/ Pomona (all are very apple-y to me. "pomme" is apple in French, and apparently this name is related. I think you could get away with calling her Apple, without putting it down as her legal name. Pomeline and Pomellina are very close to Porcelina, too, so maybe that works to combine Porcelina and Apple without your SO thinking of strippers?)
    Meadow (what makes Meadow any better than Apple? Nothing, but I know a Meadow so I find it more wearable, whereas the only Apple I know is the celeb baby)

    Any honestly, it's your child and you won't be the only one with a little Apple out there. Blythe Danner got used to having a granddaughter named Apple, and I'm sure your parents will too.
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    Honestly, I kind of like Apple! I would rather name my child Apple than Everly, which I absolutely dislike. I actually didn't think of Gwyneth or the company when you said Apple. I just apple. A nice, red apple. You should go for it.
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    I like Apple, too! I mean, it's a GP, and it seems sort of crazy to actually use, but this is coming from someone with an extremely safe naming style. I just love the imagery of apples and their sweet and innocent and sort of scholarly... it's a really cool name, I think. I like the idea of Apolline (or even Appolonia) with the nn Apple? I think that's quite sweet.

    I remember years ago someone on another forum had been considering the combo Apple Mia, and that's when I fell for it, I still love that combo. Apple Lucille is really sweet, too, though, and I love the significance of Lucille! I think Apple Lou would be an adorable nn, too! I would love to see someone brave enough to use Apple, and I think Apple Lucille is great--I just don't think I could go with it personally. I'm not sure that really helps you, though, haha, sorry.
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    I think Apple is super sweet. I love nature names and this one is more unique. I love how feminine and soft it sounds. Oh well if your family doesn't like it, its your choice to make, and you both love it.
    I also like your choice Opal Would the fiancé approve of Opal Lucille Row? pretty! Its less "strippery" without Porcelina perhaps?

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    I really like the suggestion pf Pomona!

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