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Thread: Winchester

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    I recently visited the Winchester House this weekend and, I enjoyed it a lot. I always liked Winchester as a name for a girl WDYT? Maybe as MN? Any combo ideas?
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    I'm not a fan. It sounds like a hotel, or like reaching to sound 'fancy', I do like Win or Winnie, but would use Winifred to get there. I suppose in the middle with something down-to-earth yet not too classic/traditional in the first name spot.

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    Nope - not for me.

    Because I'm a huge Supernatural fan, I think of Sam and Dean Winchester (the protagonists of the show), so for me I can only see it on a boy.

    In fact it sounds like a boy's name, nothing feminine about it at all.
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    Oh gosh. I live near there and I would never use it. It's definitely only fit for a boy. And just keep in mind that that house and name are known for things like guns, death, mental instability, ghosts, seances, opulent crazy, not to mention an obnoxiously trafficky street. There are much better posh sounding surnames for girls. Then again, you like the name Disneyland, so Winchester is definitely tame by comparison. You seem to like unconventional place names. Any reason why?
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    I strongly dislike Winchester. I understand the whole surname as first name trend, but this takes it too far. There is nothing charming or daring about a little girl name Winchester. It's clunky and unattractive. Sorry.

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