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    An American country girl here I loved growing up in the country! There's plenty of room to run around and explore outside. My brother and I built countless forts and play houses. When I was about 5 I really wanted to move into town though so that there would be naighbour kids to play with, but I hasve to say that was the only time in my life I disliked living in the country. I was able to have all sorts of pets, a dog, lots of barn cats, chickens, goats, occasionally a bottle calf. The animals tought me responsibility in a way I wouldn't have gotten had we lived in town and only had maybe one cat or dog. All my siblings and I learned how to drive a tractor and shoot (both gun and bow) by the time we were 10 if not earlier. As far as social life goes, our farm is only 10 minutes from a decent size town (4th largest city in the state) so we were plenty close to friends, even if we couldn't just ride our bikes over to each other's homes. The only time drugs were even a hint of an issue was when my brother was riding the school bus his freshman year of high school (thankfully he never did drugs) at which point my parents chose to take him to school and pick him up themselves, rather than have him ride the bus. Parents of country kids definantly have to be more involved in their children's social life than parents of city kids due to the lack of public transportation, but it's worth it! I loved growing up on a farm and can't imagine not raising my future children in the country. (now just to find a farm boy to have said children with. . . )
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    Well to me time is everything. So if you and your husband to be don't have to spend a long time everyday commuting then moving to the country is worth it, but for me I'm planning on raising my kids in the city, so I have a short commute to work and they have a short commute to school. I grew up in the country and I definitely suffered from a lack of culture, but I'm not sure it would be the same in the UK.
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    I grew up in the country, or as Southerners call it, The Sticks. Personally, I despise country living. I love modern conveniences and bright lights. We live in a small city right now, and we're less than 5 minutes to grocery stores, coffee shops, hospital, pretty much everything. If it weren't for personal reasons (my mom needs to be within a 1-2 hour drive from us) we would move to a bigger city like NYC or Baltimore in a heartbeat. We are both city people.

    If I were in your situation, since London is my dream city (I WILL live there sometime in my life) I would not move. But, the countryside in England is gorgeous and I might consider moving, the Cotswolds especially.
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    I would say it depends how far you are away from family and friends, and how you settle into where ever you move to.

    We live in a small seaside village in the Scottish Highlands. It's beautiful, but I can't wait to move next year. We are up here because of my husband's job. I work full time locally in a job I love, but I have really, really struggled to find people up here of my own age to make friends with - Perhaps because we don't have kids yet, but are late twenties and married, we are surrounded by lovely, lovely people of our parents/grandparents generation, or those slightly older than us who have kids.

    We are pretty remote up here. It is so lovely, green, a very gentle place to live. But it drives me mad that nothing is open on a Sunday, or beyond 5pm in the evening. Or that we have to drive for 2 hours to find a big town/city. Or that it takes over 5 hours to get to family and friends. People don't seem to understand how long it takes to get anywhere, that we are stranded due to snow during winter, that the roads are not safe to travel all the time.

    BUT - with kids, I would love to stay here. Its just the timing of when we live here that I think makes me long to move!

    As long as you look carefully, and aren't too far from civilisation, it will probably be a great experience!

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