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    The Sweet Life in the Country

    We're planning on taking the big, proper grown up step of moving to the country side. He (husband to be) has wanted to live in the country since before we met, but he stayed to court me. So now that he has me, he wants to move and that's fine. I love the country; I'm a big fishing girl, I love rowboats and forests and little animals, and big animals for that matter, I love wearing my Hunter wellies and love the rain and puzzling around the house in the peace and quiet. I'm actually really looking forward to endless phone conversations and weekend long sleepovers with my friends instead of the 45 minute tea meet ups, internet shopping and especially the almost lack of pollution. But as our friends are all very selfish and horrible people (), I know the minute we tell them they will start bashing the countryside. That is, those who live in the city. The others will praise it endlessly. So I am once again looking to you Terrific Berries of Awesomeness for insight into what living in the countryside means...because according to an article in (I think) The Sunday Times the past summer, living in the country is an endless parade of picnics, dog walking and sex. Is this true? Do we need to get a dog? Husband to be would be thrilled...

    Very interested in how it is for the children, how their day to day life is and about friends and such things. We're not looking at completely remote houses, think the Cotswolds, Cornish seaside towns and just classic Hampshire/Sussex villages.

    Maybe I am romanticising what a life in the countryside is, but I imagine sending Roo to a nature nursery where she can explore the woods and the woodland creatures, make friends with sheep and cows, grow our own vegetables and have endless amounts of fruit trees, not having to clean my nostrils every time I come back from a walk, the peacefulness, birds in the garden, bunnies and chickens... hammocks between the trees and just being able to enjoy living instead of rushing all the time. I'm sure people who live in the country side have problems too, but it all looks so easy and nice.

    If you read all that you're a star!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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