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    Hermione is such a gorgeous name. I love it. I also love Minerva and Sirius. I could use one of the three, but heaven forbid I use two--that'd get too strange too quickly.
    It's true that when little Minnie's growing up Harry Potter won't be as trendy as it was five or ten years back, but it may remain popular. And it will likely remain well-known for a good long while.

    Think of names like Arwen or Eowyn. Right now, despite being already names in Old English and Welsh, they're usable but distinctive and definitely tied to Tolkien. I've known a few.
    Then think of pairing them. Sam is out (both -wise and -uel) not just because of stylistic difference but also because it would turn themed. On the other hand, if you left Arwen alone and named your kids Sam, Rosie, Nessa, Merry, and Elanor chances are nobody'd get the reference. If you named your kids Hermione, Guinevere, Keladry, and Eowyn people would immediately assume you were a fantasy geek in general.

    What sort of sibling names are you considering? Greek names in general?

    If you do go for Hermione, I'd recommend spending a few minutes in front of a mirror practicing a politely baffled look and the phrase, "No, Shakespeare actually."

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    It isn't unusable at all! Hermione Granger is a lovely character, and I can't imagine why she would make the name unusable. It would certainly be a bold first name choice though. I would use it in a heartbeat for a daughter's middle name.

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    Thanks for all the input! It's interesting to see different viewpoints.

    DH elaborated a bit today - he thinks that because Hermione was so incredibly uncommon before HP that the almost universal assumption will be that a baby named Hermione was named after Hermione Granger. While we both like her tremendously as a character, he feels like that's quite a burden to carry and thinks it would be tiresome to always have people comment "oh, like Harry Potter?" He also doesn't want to come across as obsessive fan geeks. Besides all that, he just thinks it's not a very pretty name (though I heartily disagree).

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    I completely agree with your husband (except I think Hermione is gorgeous.) It's not that Hermione Granger is a bad character or namesake, it's just that she's such a strong association. It's like Oprah or Madonna or Beyonce- they're not bad people, but they sort of own their names. It's really their name and not share-able. Madonna is a totally legitimate name, but it seems just too much to use; that's how I feel about Hermione.
    I'd want a chance to make a name my own- when someone hears my name, I want to be the first person they associate with it. I wouldn't want to be thought of as "the girl with the same name as the Harry Potter character," I'd want to be thought of as Hermione. But I just don't think that's possible with this name, at least not for a very long time.

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    I don't think it's unusable. But I asked my husband just to be sure LOL! He said he knew a girl named Hermione in college. She was obviously named before Harry Potter was a thing and she was also British. Apparently it's fairly common there (or at least not unheard of). If you use it, people will probably assume you're a big fan of Harry Potter. But, people are naming their kids Bella and Edward and Renesme (sp) because of Twilight - I'd rather have a name associated with Harry Potter than Twilight!

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