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    I once had a student named Sariah (suh - rye - uh). It sounded pretty and its very close to what your husband is asking for.

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    Actually, I don't think there's much of a mismatch between Sarah Elisabeth and Atticus Nathaniel. All of those have a sort of early American (colonial? frontier?) feel. Atticus and Nathaniel are, of course, enjoying more newfound popularity in the current naming climate, but I actually rather like the way the names go together. Of course, Elizabeth is one of my classic favorites (love Pride & Prejudice) and as one earlier poster noted, little Sarah could certainly go by Sadie
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    My best friend/cousin's name is Sarah, so for me the name does have very positive associations, but I do agree with you that it still feels a bit too overdone. What about these names? To me someone who loves Sarah might love:

    Saoirse (Sair-sha)

    Also, in regards to nicknames for Sarah, I know Sadie has been suggested, but Sally is also a cute nickname option.
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    sarah and Atticus are actually nice. BUT if you are not wowed by it I suggest you tell your hubby that as you will be saying the name more than anyone else! I think Stella and Atticus are a match made in heaven.

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    I love Sarah Elizabeth. And I'm a huge fan of Sarah Elise. I think by the time she goes to school it won't be that common. Everything goes out of style then comes back in style. I like the idea of Zarah (spelled this way to help prevent ZAUR-a). She will be saying "Sarah with a Z" for the rest of her life though...

    I like the suggestion of Stella... and sounds so good with your son's name. Any chance you're husband likes that?

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