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    My little sister's name is Sarah Grace

    Always thought that was pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by withinreason View Post
    Ha ha! Crazy love for Sara(h) Elisabeth! I do like the suggestion of Zara! But wouldn't it be pronounced "Zaur-a" - maybe I can convince hubby of that! Although Sara Elisabeth is a lovely classic name, I have so many friends who are Sara/h...and I somehow would feel like we didn't get as creative with her name, especially since we get (for the most part) such positive responses about Atticus' name, I would feel like Sara falls a little flat...
    Zaur-a like rhyming with Laura?

    Zara is ZAHR-uh, czar-uh.

    I wouldn't consider Sarah as a name that "falls a little flat" anymore. In the last 25 years, it's fallen from #4 to #43. In 1988, when it ranked #4, it was given to 1.48% of babies born. In 2012, it was given to .27% of babies. It's so much more unexpected nowadays than when we were kids.

    I agree with the suggestions of Sadie and Zara.
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    My husbands fav girl name is also Sara! Boring and overused imo as well. We agreed on Serafina. Sadie, Zara are also great options.
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    I just looked up sibling names for Atticus and this was the girls names:-

    Ariel, Arya, Athena, Beatrix, Harper, Lily, Norah, Oriana, Sadie, Saffron, Tess

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    I had another thought - if you go the route of Sarah your sibset would fit in with the growing trend towards more creativity of boy's names while the quest for originality is tapering off for girls (while for the past 150 years or so it's been more likely for the boys to have the more "ordinary" names). For instance in recent years for the first time in quite awhile the names at the very top of the popularity list boast more usage for girls than boys. Another interesting reflection of this trend is the 2012 U.S. Presidential election - the major (male) candidates themselves had the more distinctive names (Barack and Willard or Mitt, depending on how you look at it) than their wives (Michelle and Ann), while historically it's more likely than not been the opposite.

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