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    Help! My husband's choice is super traditional (and doesn't match our son's name:)

    So my husband really, really wants to name a girl (we are TTC, so have to pick a girl's name) a uber traditional combo:

    Sarah Elisabeth

    Which is fine, but I am not thrilled with it (Besides the fact I like Sara without an "h" better) and the combo is just too plain in my opinion, especially since our son is named Atticus Nathaniel.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, even Seraphina would be better (but still not my fav
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    What about Sarah, nickname Sadie? Sadie has more of the vintage quirky feel like Atticus, but you still get the traditional Sarah name.

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    Although Sarah Elisabeth is pretty and classic, it's pretty much the most standard Sarah combo out there. Nearly every Sarah I know has Elizabeth as a middle name.

    That said, I think Sarah and Atticus sound fine together, maybe because Sarah is just so classic it goes with anything. (I love the name Sarah actually, but I see where you're coming from).

    If your husband is dead set on Sarah, perhaps you could try a variation of Elisabeth in the middle such as:
    Sarah Elspeth, Sarah Elsbeth, Sarah Elise, Sarah Isabelle, Sarah Lizette
    (see more here:

    You could also suggest a variation of Sarah such as Sadie, Sarai, Zara, or something similar like Sarine, Serena or Seraphina. Or Saskia or even Sasha, though I hate to suggest it since to me it's a nickname for Alexander.
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    I love Seraphina! Some suggestions I can think of that fit with Atticus Nathaniel are: Violet Eliza, Stella Margaret, Lucinda Caroline, Scarlett Maeve, and Amelia Claire. These names aren't exactly traditional but they are all commonly known but not super popular.

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    I think it works! Especially cause if you have a Sara(h) the gender is different from your son so I don't think they have to 'match' as much as 2 girls or 2 boys might. I think Sarah plays well with various style cause even though it's somewhat traditional it isn't at all stuffy (not as much as something like Catherine or Margaret for example). To me meeting sisters named Sara & Arwyn wouldn't be much stranger than Sara & Agnes or Sara & I wouldn't worry about future naming either. I like Sara & Atticus over Seraphina & Atticus personally.

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