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    I love the suggestion of Zara! Zara Elise would be lovely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namefan View Post
    I had another thought - if you go the route of Sarah your sibset would fit in with the growing trend towards more creativity of boy's names while the quest for originality is tapering off for girls (while for the past 150 years or so it's been more likely for the boys to have the more "ordinary" names). For instance in recent years for the first time in quite awhile the names at the very top of the popularity list boast more usage for girls than boys. Another interesting reflection of this trend is the 2012 U.S. Presidential election - the major (male) candidates themselves had the more distinctive names (Barack and Willard or Mitt, depending on how you look at it) than their wives (Michelle and Ann), while historically it's more likely than not been the opposite.

    That is an interesting point! The funny thing is, is I actually prefer girls names with history, and I do like the Pride and Prejudice and Queen Elizabeth links etc. I also like the universal quality of Sara(h)...but it just doesn't seem "right." Maybe because when I read "Sarah" I always follow it with the title "Sarah, Plain and Tall"...which is silly, and all the Sara(h)'s I know are lovely in their own individual ways.
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