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Thread: Amelia Jean?

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    Amelia Jean is so cute I am swooning. I does sound a little country/gingham & cut offs/ I love that!

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    Amelia is a little popular these days, but paired with Jean it feels very classic, which I like. Ian and Amelia make a nice sibset. Fit together, but a little unexpected at the same time.
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    I love it and think Ian & Amelia are a great set!

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    I think the combo is really darling. Amelia and Ian sound nice together. Even if she went by Mia or Millie, it still sounds sweet.

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    Aw, cute. Does Jean have special meaning for you? If not, I might suggest Jane or Joan... Amelia Jane is a little more spunky/modern sounding, and Joan has more weight. Jean is a little neither here nor there. I tend to try to have middle names pass the first name that I mean, unless it is very specifically an honor name, I like middle names to stand just as well as first names, in case for some reason down the line the baby/person involved decides they'd rather use their middle day-to-day. To me, Jean doesn't have the substance of Jane or Joan and stands on its own with more difficulty.

    But, Jean is wonderful if it has special meaning! I guess I'm just suggesting that if it doesn't, consider expanding your horizons a little.

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