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Thread: Amelia Jean?

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    Amelia Jean?

    We are Due in October and are considering the name Amelia Jean.

    We already have a little boy named Ian.

    What are your thoughts on the Sibset Ian and Amelia?

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    Sounds good I prefer Jane instead of Jean, but Jean is fine.

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    I think it's cute. I am not really a fan of the name Jean, but it's a cute middle name for Amelia.

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    Amelia Jean comes off more country sounding that I generally prefer, but if you like it great! And Amelia and Ian are great together.

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    Love Amelia, it's one of my favorite names! I love all the nickname options (Millie and Mimi are my faves) and the only downside is how popular it's getting. It goes great with Ian! I don't really like Jean, it just doesn't have a pretty sound and doesn't sound as elegant as Jane. I'd even prefer Joan because it has more history. That being said, it's not horrible, and if it's a family name I would definitely use it. Amelia Jean flows well and overall I like it!
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