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  • Alder

    12 23.53%
  • Casper

    24 47.06%
  • Soren

    22 43.14%
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    Alder? Casper? or Soren?

    What are your thoughts of our top three current boy contenders?

    Alder is the husbands favorite pick.
    Casper is my grandfather's name though he went by Glen (never met him) and my favorite pick.
    Soren - the wild card

    I think we love a soft/sensitive sounding first name grounded by a little more masculine middle name (though not all our mn fall into this category i realize).

    Some middle names we'll be using are from this list:
    Grey, Fielding, Fielder, Ford, James, Glen, Espen, Eldon (including the names not chosen above).

    Also, what are your thoughts of boys having two middle names when the girls only have one? bad idea...both have two mn if at all?

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    I voted for both Soren and Casper... I love the personal meaning of Casper, and it's a name with an amazing history. I also appreciate that the biggest pop culture association is Casper the Friendly Ghost (and he'll be joined in his generation by a slew of vampire kids ). This is a name that was on my list, but just doesn't work with our last name. Soren is great, too, although the 'strict' meaning is a bit lacking. Personally, I love the connection to the Suren-Pahlavi clan in Iran (who defeated the Romans). This is a name that we'll probably use... The difference for me is that Casper is a bit older, mature, and historic. There'll be plenty of Jaspers running around due to 'Twilight', but you can expect him to be the one and only Casper. Soren is slightly more masculine, European, and young. To most it will sound highly Scandinavian in the age of Ikea. The deciding card could be the surname... If the surname begins or ends with an N, I'd prefer Casper. If it begins or ends with an R, I'd prefer Soren. Alder just reminds me of an alter.

    Casper James, Casper Fielding, Soren James, and Soren Fielding would be my top choices, depending on the surname. Congrats!
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    I voted for Alder, and I appear to be the minority... I just think it sounds better. Casper is a ghost and Soren is nice, but it sounds incomplete and makes me think of Sauron. Alder is the name of a character in one of my favorite books. He's a pretty cool dude.

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    our surname starts with a "K" -- the only downfall of a Casper pick // the two hard c/k sounds, but it's not enough to keep me from using it.

    and i LOVE James for a middle name though it'll take some convincing for the husband as it's his least favorite from our list.

    Loved all your thoughts on Casper and Soren --- i'm loving Scandinavian interior design
    (bright, white, airy, whimsical, practical, clean lines) , perhaps that was the draw towards Soren without really even realizing it.

    Alter boy - bummer, but you're probably right. The Husband's got the softest spots for nature names most preferably trees / hence Alder wood..or "Alder" and i think he's pretty attached to that name right now... though he's definitely warmed up to Casper and we both liked Soren we'll see.

    thanks again for your input!

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    heytherepigeon! the husband will be excited he's got someone on his side!! thanks for your input.

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