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    Thanks for the opinions guys and you thatkathryngirl, that's really interesting Sorry I didn't mean to exclude anyone just wounded if the uk views of the names would be different. I appreciate any views!! X

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    I'm American, so you're not really asking me....but nobody names their kid Miller in America. I'm a school teacher and have never once encountered it. Other surnames are popular, just not that one. Greyson/Grey is popular. Rowan is used more for girls here. I've never seen it spelled Roan before, though.
    haha, I agree! Another American, and I was curious which two were considered more American because the only one I found very American was Greyson/Grayson--I found Miller and Rowan more British than anything (although I'm probably perceiving things wrong!). I adore Gray/Grey as a nn, so Greyson would get my vote (if I get to vote!), but Rowan is my second choice. They're all lovely, though.
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    Go with Rowan. I don't like the surname-come-first-name trend at all. Like Otter said, it's pretty chavvy.

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    Totally agree with Ren and Otter. Another vote for Rowan here

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    American and I vote Grey! Rowan is ok but doesn't seem as straightforward. Miller is a beer here, but I suppose if you pick this you could have a middle name Grey?

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