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    Uk Berrys please help me to name my five day old son- choice of three names!!


    I have been a nameberry fan for the last six months although definitely a lurker not a poster so apologies for his being my first one lol! I really need help deciding on a name for my son who was born five days ago please?! I expected to take some time deciding as all through my pregnancy (team yellow) my OH and I were unsure but he needs a name now and all the texts and phone calls off friends and family is driving me to distraction! I love all three of our choices and think he suits all three it's just a matter of choosing one and I can't as I'm convinced whichever I pick I will wish I went with another choice! Two of the names we like are fairly American I think so I wanted to get a uk view: the names are

    Greyson (nn grey)
    Rowan/ Roan

    If we have go with greyson or rowan/ roan his middle name will be Lee (after my partner) if we go with miller we need another middle name although William is a contender. We have a two syllable surname beginning with F. I think my OH really likes miller out of all three. it seems that the males in the family love miller and all the females love rowan so that's no help! What do you think?!

    Thanks in advance

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    I think Miller is very American and it is my least favourite. Some surnames I like (Carter, Carson, Brooks) but I feel that Miller is pushing it for me personally. I like Grey on it's own, so if it was a toss up between Grey and Rowan it would be a massively hard choice; but since it isn't my vote goes to Rowan. I think it's a lovely name with character and strength and beauty. Rowan Lee is a very nice combo.
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    Rowan, hands down. The other two are rather chavvy, and Rowan is so handsome and fun!
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    Can being part of the commonwealth count?!

    I really like Roan Lee
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    I'm American, so you're not really asking me....but nobody names their kid Miller in America. I'm a school teacher and have never once encountered it. Other surnames are popular, just not that one. Greyson/Grey is popular. Rowan is used more for girls here. I've never seen it spelled Roan before, though.

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