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Thread: Calla Miette?

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    I love Calla, but not so fussed on Miette. I also think it sounds a bit like Call Me Ette (in a bad Italian accent, at least in my head), but it might just be me. Even so, it's hardly awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Don't hate me but for some reason when I said your combo out loud the opera song "O Sole Mio" popped into my head. Maybe it's the rhythm and sound of Calla Miette. I like the combo and "beautiful" and "sweet" are awesome adjectives but I'm more uncertain about whether I would want to be called "a little crumb" for the rest of my life.
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    In French miette literally means 'crumb.' As in the small bits left over after a loaf of bread has been on a plate. It's just as name-like as Crumb would be in English (meaning, absurd not at all name-like).

    Luckily there are loads of French names which have an identical rhythm to Miette [which admittedly has a pretty sound and cadence]-- Simone, Cecile, Celeste, Yvette, Sandrine, Camille, Babette, Chantal, Christine, Clarisse, Colombe, Corinne, Cosette, Delphine, Elise, Estelle, Felice, Francine, Georgette, Helene, Jacquette, Jeannine, Josette, Justine, Lisette, Lucette, Lucille, Margot, Ninette, Odette, Roxanne, Suzette, Victoire-- all sound great, and are much more usable (throughout a girl/woman's life) than Crumb.
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    I really like it
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    I think it's lovely!

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