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    Red face Calla Miette?

    We found out today we're definitely having a girl and couldn't be more excited We have struggled with names since day one my fiancee and I seem to have differing opinions. We went back and forth and we just didn't seem to really agree on anything. Today I called my 94 year old grandmother and told her we were having a girl and told her what names we were looking at. Calla was on my fiancee's list and when I mentioned it to her she told me Calla Lilies were her favorite flower. I immediately knew then that this was the name I wanted for my daughter not only because it means beautiful, but because it is a good way to honor my grandmother who is the light of my life she is an amazing woman. Miette has always been one of my favorites since I found out I was pregnant but my fiancee wasn't too keen on it as a first name. I then suggested Calla Miette and he actually agreed on it. Roughly translated her name would mean "Beautiful sweet little crumb" It's unique without being too overboard, but I just want some extra opinions I want to get your thoughts on it just to see what the general consensus is. My mom hates it which isn't surprising :lol:

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