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Thread: This or that

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    This or that

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    Carolyn or Kathryn - Carolyn, one of my best friends names is Carolyn. My cousin's name is Katherine, so I prefer it spelled that way.
    Tana or Mara - Mara - I knew a dog named Tana.
    Paula or Miriam - Paula - I don't know, I don't love either, I just slightly prefer this one.
    Sue or Kay - Kay - had a counsellor at camp named Kay and she was so cool! Sue sounds like an old lady name too, while Kay is fun!
    Wendy or Linda - Linda - tough, but Wendy sounds like Windy
    Zoรซ or Nina - Zoe - for some reason always hated the name Nina, not sure why.
    Jeannie or Valerie - Valerie - it's so pretty and elegant, while Jeannie sounds like a pair of pants (jeans). I prefer Janie as a nn for Jane over Jeannie.
    Francesca or Georgina - Georgina - don't love either, but I prefer Georgina.
    Dawn or Willa - Willa - love both! But I prefer Dawn as a middle name, not a first.
    Melanie or Miranda - Melanie - feels older than Miranda and more tired, but I love how it's like Melody and sounds so musical to me!
    Rachel or Alison - Alison - other best friend is Rachel, but I really like Allison, nn Allie.
    Angel or Bliss - neither. Too perfect. As if you're trying to tell the world how perfect your little baby is. Eugh. Neither.
    Emma or Alix - Emma - Alix is spelled wrong. It does look cool though. But I like the nn Em.
    Prue or Helen - Helen - prue reminds me of prune.
    Raphaela or Pauline - Pauline - Raphaela too weird,
    Sharon or Sally - hm..... Sally - I just don't like Sharon. But I woud never use Sally, too old and ditzy.
    Overall, my faves are Carolyn, Valerie, Dawn, Willa, Rachel, and Allison (spelled this way). Melanie/Miranda is ok too.
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    Georgina-A close friend of mine is named Georgia; Plus it is also a very lovely name

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    (I thought I'd try an older game.....seems like I'm posting at the same time others are trying sorry)

    Carolyn or Kathryn - Kathryn just sounds more prestigious!
    Tana or Mara - Mara is beautiful and reminds me of the classic Mary.
    Paula or Miriam - Miriam is biblical. I like biblical names
    Sue or Kay - Kay sounds so cute!
    Wendy or Linda - Both are so 60's but I like the cuter Wendy.
    Zoรซ or Nina - Nina has an ethnic sound so it is very exotic to me.
    Jeannie or Valerie - I've always love Jeannie!
    Francesca or Georgina - Ugh! I don't like either one! Francine is much prettier! I like the nn Georgie, but that's it.
    Dawn or Willa - Willa is beautiful!
    Melanie or Miranda - Melanie is very musical.
    Rachel or Alison - Rachel, again biblical.
    Angel or Bliss - These are both nice, but I prefer Angel.
    Emma or Alix - Emma is more feminine and vintage sounding.
    Prue or Helen - I love Helen. It reminds me of beauty.
    Raphaela or Pauline - Raphaela is very angelic and romantic.
    Sharon or Sally - Sharon is again very 60's.....I LOVE 60's!!!

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    Carolyn or KATHRYN (It's the name of my favorite book character, so it'd be a nice connection.)
    Tana or MARA (I love this name. M names always get me.)
    Paula or MIRIAM (Less old-lady-ish to me.)
    Sue or KAY (Less plain.)
    WENDY or Linda (Linda is kind of boring to me.)
    Zoe or NINA (It's cute. I don't like accents.)
    Jeannie or VALERIE (Both are nice, but Valerie is a little more spunky to me.)
    Francesca or Georgina (Francesca is just kind of ick to me.)
    DAWN or Willa (I think Dawn's adorable.)
    MELANIE or Miranda (My name's Amanda, so I wouldn't want to have a daughter too close to my name.)
    Rachel or ALISON (I like the nickname Ali.)
    Angel or BLISS (Less common. Angel is kind of tacky.)
    EMMA or Alix (I don't like Alix's spelling.)
    Prue or HELEN (Prue is too much like 'prude')
    Raphaela or PAULINE (I'm not brave enough for Raphaela)
    SHARON or Sally (Sally's so plain.)

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