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    Yes, I agree with others that the meaning of the name to me personally is the most important and if the name also has a wonderful literal meaning then that is a bonus. I'm not very fussed on flow as long as it isn't appaling. Besides, if you say anything enough it tends to start sounding all right anyway as you get used to it. Well, that's what I find.
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    Definitely flow, the only two names we could use are my boyfriends middle, my fathers name and my grandfathers nick name which he was given by a teacher. So we did come up with one combo to represent that but then I feel I would have to continue that tradition. And we so do not have that many usable names. I can not picture naming our child Concetta, Rudy, Aloysius, etc. so flow has taken the lead in our case. I would of loved if we had usable names that are our style and we liked of course but that is not in the cards for us.
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    I think flow is more important. But meaning is pretty decently important too. However, I would probably choose a name based on flow before I chose one based on meaning. Flow will be mentioned every time the kid hears his name. But meaning is only brought up at certain times.

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    I don't really care about meaning as far as what the traditional meaning of a name is (e.g. Sarah means "princess" or whatever), but the meaningfulness of a name is important to me (e.g. if it is a family name or to honor someone). I would say flow is definitely more important than the meaning, but flow and meaningfulness go hand-in-hand.

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