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    What means more to you: Meaning or Flow?

    I'm just curious. Does it mean more to you for the names to 'flow' together? Or does it mean more for you to have names that mean something, like a family name?
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    Flow, for sure. I don't want a name to mean something bad (like Claudia does), apart from that I don't really care, is kind of a bonus. When it comes to family names, personally I feel there are many more ways of proving you love someone...

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    I think that BOTH are important! But for me personal meaning trumps name meanings any day...I love Claudia, which is anything but lame to me cause of my own personal associations. I wouldn't name my kid Irena Eugenia despite both names having family connection to me though, cause flow matters too.

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    Meaning! Though flow is fairly important too. A good example is my new favourite combo, Peter Richard. Most will dislike the 2-2 syllable flow and the fact Peter runs into Richard, but those names have special meaning- familial, literary, magical, secret... so I don't really mind that the flow's not perfect

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    I would rather use a name that has family signifcance than use one that has less meaning to me but that makes the name combo sound better. For example, Roberta Nicola doesn't exactly "flow well" but Nicola is my mum's name and I'd rather use it than something else.
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