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    Another "crunchy" thing that I never tried and have had no interest in researching!

    As everyone else has said, I have so many other things I can do with my children or my own personal time besides watch for cues and take them to the potty. I barely have enough time to do normal child care some days!

    As far as when my girls were trained- #1 did everything early as a result of her being a little smarty pants and us being enthusiastic first time parents-- she was trained a little before her 2nd birthday. #2 was day trained and pretty good at night by 26-27 months. I really wish I would have started on the (older) twins around 18-20 months -- we got too distracted with pregnancy and newborn stuff and before I knew it, we had 4 (yes for real... it was awful) in diapers! As soon as I could, I put alot of effort into training them - they were 26 months when we started and now at 2 1/2, they are daytime trained and still not quite there at night, but I can deal with that!
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