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    Things like weaning & moving to a new state have had me putting off potty training. i value my social life & personal time way to much to do EC!! I think the martyrdom & superiority is what appeals to my SIL really...

    Ugh sorry for venting here!!

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    Oh, my, that is something I would never do. I don't want anymore wee on me (or the floor as Pink said!) than necessary, thank you very much! Not to mention the poop... Looking for signs all the time sounds boring, why do that instead of other things like playing or reading to your child? Or do things on your own... I hope to start training Roo next summer (14-15 months), as she'll probably be running around naked anyways. My "plan" is to have each child potty trained by the time the next one comes along, it seems stressful to run around with a potty while carrying and caring for an infant.
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    I'm totally with Blade on this. Our daughter was semi-trained from 14 mos but mostly because her Au Pair was German and was raised to believe it was unacceptable for babies over a year to still be in diapers (and was home with her to monitor her and put her on the potty at regular intervals). She was about 80% accident free. Her personality is very helpful and obedient, so when she was put on the potty she used it and went for it on her own accord. Her own signals weren't always strong so sometimes she would get the signal a little late and not quite make it. It is as clear as a bell to me the week she really mastered reading her own signals, she was about 21 mos and she essentially fully trained herself over one day. I have a purely anecdotal belief that you can do it early like us but sometimes if you wait you miss a window and you're stuck waiting for the North American norm of closer to three.

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    Taz, I agree, the only reason for doing EC is to feel superior to other mothers! Honestly, why bother? It'll take up all of your time for no reward. The child will not be potty trained until the same time as none EC children anyway.
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    It strikes me as an extremely boring way to spend one's time. I'm relieved to hear that it's mostly parent-training, and that sphincter control doesn't happen until around one year. Otherwise, I might feel guilted into trying to condition my babies to pee into garbage cans on the corner of city blocks, or to join some kind of EC study-group (this exists in Brooklyn.) I saw babies in ass-less pants everywhere when I was in China, but it's not taboo there to hold your kid out for a pee in the street. I have also seen a couple of en plein air pottyers here in Brooklyn. Both times there was frantic maneuvering of pants and potties, and amazed onlookers.
    I can understand the appeal of giving your baby some bare-bottomed time, for freedom of movement and for skin breathability. There must be some happy medium.

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