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    Corinne Lorena???

    Hi all -
    So we feel pretty good about the first name Corinne for baby #3 (if a girl), but not sure about the middle name. We'd like to have a family name as the middle name, but we've got some slim pickins'. Right now we're thinking Lorena as the middle name. It's not completely a family name, but a spin-off of Loretta, a family name. We like Lorena in that the accent is on the second syllable.

    Thoughts? Suggestions for middle name? Even if not a family name, we might be able to make it work.


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    I like it! The two work well together, and I am a big fan of honoring family in a non literal (as in name to name) way. I say go for it!
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    I say Kuh-rinn for Corinne, is that the pronunciation you're using? Corinne Lorena is nice, but I'm not wild about the sameness of the length and or/n repeats. Corinne Laurel or Corinne Eleanore or Corinne Henrietta or Corinne Jetta work better visually for me and include pieces of Loretta. That said, Corinne Lorena is a nice name and I don't mean to insult it. That's just my over-analyzed thoughts on it! I really love both names!

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    Also if you post some family names I will try to brainstorm some middles for you

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    Corinne is very pretty. Are you pronouncing Lorena as "lor-AY-na" or "lor-EE-na"?

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