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    Mommies Due January 2014

    Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I'm a first time mom due in January 2014. This is my first post - just wondering if anyone else on here due that month? Any ideas on what you'll name your child?

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    Hello Stephanie, welcome to Nameberry! I believe that I am due around the first week of January but I still have to wait a week for my doctors appointment to find out for sure, I could be due around the middle of February if I'm wrong about when I conceived. I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms at all really except about 1 week where I was really tired so it's hard to guess how far along I am until I see the doc.

    I have my girl name- Leona Andromeda- both names have a lot of significance to me. I am lost as far as boys names. I already have one son - Warren Isaac and his name is so perfect to me that it's hard to find another boy's name without comparing it to his and thinking it falls short. Do you have any name ideas already? How has your pregnancy been so far?

    I think February mommas should join the thread too so we can get more people!

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    Hi Stephanie and lovewn. Congratulations on your pregnancies. I'm a first time mum too and I'm due February. Because this baby was conceived through IVF we already have a pretty accurate due date: 05 Feb 2014. I have my first scan in one week - so excited!!

    I've been collecting names for ages now. Finally my husband will talk about them with me!!! We have four picked out and it was surprisingly easy. All the middle names are honour names after members of our family. The four names we have chosen are: Matilda Catherine
    Penelope Heather
    Jack Timothy
    Clancy Luke
    I think I will go over to the baby name thread and do a poll on these names

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    lovewn - Leona and Warren are gorgeous together BTW

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    I'm due in January also. Of course I have lists of names, but my husband loves to shoot down any names of people we know or famous people (regardless of how obscure), which mostly leaves more uncommon names...which he also doesn't like. Basically he's not interested in discussing names until we know a another couple months.

    So far names I like that he hasn't shot down are:
    Evangeline "Evie"
    Anneliese "Anna" (possibly)

    Nehemiah "Ned"
    Carson (I like Carsten--Karsten is the German spelling--but he's not liking it much)

    Not too much to work with right now, so I'm just biding my time.


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