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Thread: Jarrad??

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    So - we both love the name Alexander - very traditional but very strong. But a name to go with it should we have another boy - we really like the name Jarrad. It's a family name that has come down my husbands family (who are from French origins) and I wasn't too sure at first but it really has grown on me. I do love Gabriel too but not too sure that it goes with Alexander and I do worry that the poor child might have a tough time especially at Christmas.......

    So thoughts on Jarrad please?? Or is there an alternative that will go well with Alexander?

    Many thanks
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    Alexander and Gabriel are both in my Top 5, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them for brothers if I could get DH on board with Gabriel. Jarrad is very different in style from both names and not really to my taste, but it would sound great in the middle with either of them! There's also the similar Jared, Jareth, or maybe even Gerald, but I still like Gabriel the best as a brother to Alexander.
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    Yes - Jarrad as a middle name would be better BUT we already would be looking at an Indian middle name ( Alexander Krishan) and I don't want poor baba to have a right mouthful of a name.......Especially as the surname is double barrelled......Decisions decisions!

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    Jarrad is alright, but a bit dated due to Jared's popularity about 20-30 years ago. I don't think it fits particularly well with Alexander (a more classic feeling name), but it's not bad. I'd say Gabriel fits much better with Alexander, as both have the same style. Why would a Gabriel have a hard time at Christmas? Is it that you are worried Gabriel would be harder to say (I'm assuming this is an intercultural marriage)? If so, I wouldn't worry, as he'd have an Indian middle name to fall back on. I think Alexander Krishan and Gabriel Sachin would be awesome...
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    I can't take Jarrad very serious because it seems like misspelled Jared to me. Also, Alexander Jarrad doesn't flow very well and makes me think of Jared Leto who played in a movie called "Alexander".
    I agree Alexander Gabriel flows better.
    Similar to Jarrad: Gareth, Garett, Jareth and Jareb.

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