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Thread: Daughter's name

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    Since Margaret has a meaning of Pearl, you could use that instead of Margaret.

    Tessa Pearl is very nice, I think I'm not a huge fan of Campbell, and Lyla Pearl also is nice!

    There are TONS of different names you could use for Margaret without using that exact name. I think you can stick with the first names you love
    Marilyn Margaret Lucille
    Seraphine Lorelai Danielle

    Shane Benjamin Lee
    Sebastian Roger James

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    Tessa Margaret or Lyla Margaret sound lovely to me. Not a fan of Campbell — it looks trendy and I would avoid it unless it was an actual family name.

    I wonder if you would like Daisy or Pearl — the meanings of the name Margaret. They would make great first or middle names.

    Alternatives to honour a Margaret:
    - Marjorie / Margery
    - Margot / Margaux
    - Marguerite
    - Margaretta
    - Margarida
    - Greta
    - Rita
    - May
    - Magdalen / Magdalena / Magnolia "Maggie"

    Other names you might like:
    * Lyra Margaret
    * Isla Margaret
    * Mila Margaret
    * Ayla Margaret
    * Iola Margaret
    * Lola Margaret
    * Luella Margaret
    * Orla Margaret
    * Tallulah Margaret
    * Willa Margaret
    * Agnessa Margaret
    * Nessa Margaret
    * Odessa Margaret
    * Tabitha Margaret
    * Thora Margaret
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