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Thread: Daughter's name

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    Daughter's name

    My husband and I are expecting our first daughter in September. We have a small list of names we can agree on and I don't want a name that is super common. Our choices so far are Tessa, Campbell, and Lyla. I am starting to think of potential middle names but am having a tough time. I would like to honor my grandmother Margaret but am not loving how it sounds with our first names. I am open to any middle name suggestions or even first name suggestions that sounds good with Margaret. Thank your for your suggestions!

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    I think Lyla Margaret sounds quite lovely :-)

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    I like Tessa Margaret. I feel like the names balance each other well.
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    My favourite from your three is Lyla, I think Lyla Margaret sounds fine, I also like Lyra, Kyra, Lola, and Lila(h) which have similar sounds. I prefer Jessa over Tessa and dislike Campbell altogether. Some other first name suggestions: Bellamy, Everly, Eve, Justine, Hettie, Willa, Quinna, Olive, Franka, Bennie, Victorie? Also if you are really unsettled with Margaret you may be included to use a varient such as: Maggie / Mags, Meggie / Meg, Greta, Margo(t), and Mairead.
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