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    Which frilly belle?

    So I confess, I LOVE the 3 and 4 syllable frilly, princess-y names. I've always wanted a name that sounds like a feminine southern belle, and now that we are TTC I'm finding myself torn between two. Annabelle and Arabella both have wonderful qualities and I can't choose! What are your opinions on each name?

    Annabelle - seems spunky for a little girl and distinctively southern. Like a girl who would wear a dress to climb a tree. Also seems to flow well with our son Jack. This seems like the safer of the two choices to me. The obvious nn Anna is also a plus.

    Arabella - this is the kind of name I used to wish I had as a child. To me it feels southern and sophisticated. Maybe a little less rambunctious than Annabelle. I just worry it doesn't work well Jack, although it seems like a perfect fit with his full name Jackson. It's less common which is a plus but it just means I have to be very sure of our choice. Also love the nn Ella with Jack.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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    I like Arabella! Its a little prettier and glamourous than Annabelle. I think it goes with Jack just fine, it kinda makes Jack seem a little more sophisticated too!

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    I think Arabella is more original, I am tending to think about names that are not in the top 10 kind of thing but are still pretty and accessible :-)

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    Arabella! I don't really like Annabelle, especially that spelling {Annabel looks much neater to me}. Arabella and Jack are wonderful together!
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    I like Annabelle and Jack together, I think they flow better.
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