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    what do you do when your favorite name is getting too popular?

    Do you use the name anyway because you love it? Or do you let it go and choose something else? The name I love for a boy is Leo and hubby loves it also. In our state it's not that popular or at least I don't think it is since I haven't ever heard it. What would you guys do? In need of some advice!
    Married for almost 6 wonderful years and dreaming about starting a family in the near future!

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    I think, "cool, people have great taste" then calmly resume loving that name.

    Popularity just never sways me. I can't understand the notion of "I've loved the name Aled all my life but whaaaaaaat?! It's now in the top 1000?! Future Aled may meet someone else with his name AND THAT WOULD BE THE END OF THE WORLD! Screw it, we'll name him Panagiotis-Marvellous-Jhaymes. Now he will be truly unique."

    Leo is a fab classic name that you can't go wrong with. If it's not even that popular where you are and you've never heard of anyone with the name- what's the problem?! Go for it!
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    I loved a name for years, but partner didn't want it for our eldest, so when our second came to the world we gave it to him. At that time the names popularity had soared. In my native country it had long been on the number 1 spot and in the country we lived it sprang up the charts 13 places the year he was born alone. But, we loved the name and used it anyway.

    By the end of the day youngest couldn't have another name, we still love it and everyone compliments us on our great name choice (well, there are a select few who wrinkled their noses at how popular it is)

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    If you love the name,you should definitely use it anyway. I don't understand why people get so caught up on that. You love the name for reason, right? That reason isn't negated by other people using the name. If all that matters to you is uniqueness, then make up your own name. I don't actually advocate that, but I also don't think "unique" should be the only criteria for naming a child. They deserve a name with meaning, even if it's just "Mommy has always loved the sound of your name." No kid would be happy to find out that Mommy and Daddy only picked his name because they thought it was weird.

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    I understand completely! I remember in high school some older friends of mine had a son & named him Aiden and I thought it was the coolest name ever, so unique but not made up...of course I gave up on it long before I was thinking of having children cause it lost the unique factor that drew me to it to begin with. It's ok to value unique & distinct names, I think the majority of people here factor that in when picking a name. It doesn't mean that you're looking for a weird name, it just means you're hoping for something that won't be played out, you're keeping your eye on trends. Will Leo be the next Aiden? I really don't know. In Brooklyn I met quite a few. I had my ears perked for it cause we were considering Liev. We had a girl & used a lion name for her; Leonie. I think Liev has less chances of blowing up.

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