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    I shrug and use it anyway. It's far more important to me to use a name I love than it is to use a name that is uncommon.

    For me, popularity may be a useful tool to decide between 2 names I love equally, but it's no reason to reject a name outright.
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    If you love it, use it! Just don't butcher the spelling to make it yooneek. If you loved the name before the world did, then there is nothing wrong with using it. Leo is a lovely name, and even if it is popular, that shouldn't change a thing if it is a name you truly love. In addition, if you are going by the ssa, it isn't always entirely accurate!
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    I completely understand. In 6th grade I was one of four Amy's and I vowed to never name my kid a popular name. When I was pregnant with my now 6-year-old our boy name was Aiden. Thankfully we had a girl because the name Aiden exploded that year. Having said that, I named my son Chandler in 1997. I was worried that it would get overly popular because of Friends but it never did catch on and we still rarely meet another Chandler. So, it's possible that the name Leo would never blow up in your area, but one can never tell until it has. And I'd hate for you to miss out on using a name you love.

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    When the 2012 rankings came out, I will admit I paused for a minute at how high Zoe/Zoey/Zoie is getting and how the numbers change when you add them together.

    And then I resumed my undying love for Zoe. My fiance just doesn't like it so it may be moved to a mn, but I've loved it for so long that honestly, I don't care. I think the popularity issue is overblown.
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    The only time I would drop a name because of popularity would if it was top 10 for the year AND I had other choices that I loved nearly as much that were less popular. Leo will not be other Jason or Aiden so I wouldn't worry about it.
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