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Thread: Bng ~ 10/6/2013

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    bailibsmum Guest

    Wink Bng ~ 10/6/2013

    Mothers name:

    Fathers name:

    Roll the dice ten times.. if you get 10's you have twins if you get odd numbers the children are girls and if you get even they are boys, if you get 11/12 you have triplets and if you get 11/12 one after the other you get quads.

    Your first pregnancy the child/ren will have a virtue name with middle name:

    Your second pregnancy the child/ren will have names from : with a middle name of your choice.

    Your third pregnancy the child/ren will have names from: middle names:

    Your fouth pregnancy the child/ren will have FN from: middle names:

    Your fifth pregnancy the child/ren will have FN from: Middle names:

    Your sixth pregnancy the child/ren will have:

    Your seventh pregnancy the child/ren will have: (most of these 'ley' ending names are of unisex so use as u feel fit) middle name:

    Your eigth pregnancy the child/ren will have names from: middle name:

    Your ninth pregnancy the child/ren will have names from: middle names:

    Your tenth pregnancy the child/ren will have names from: middle names:

    Hopefully i got it all in the right order!!
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    Pregnancy 1: Henry Calvin
    Pregnancy 2: Ransom James
    Pregnancy 3: Juniper Claire, Adam Joachim, and Birch Milo
    Pregnancy 4: Alonzo Pike and Dashiell Wolf
    Pregnancy 5: Dallas Bay, Carter Sage, and Grant Jonquil
    Pregnancy 6: Elliott Graham
    Pregnancy 7: Wesley Cristian
    Pregnancy 8: Landry Cole
    Pregnancy 9: Augustus Gideon
    Pregnancy 10: Olivia Skye
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    Mothers name: Natalia Jane

    Fathers name: Micah Alexander

    DD: Honor Josephine
    DS: Fox Michael
    DS: Ash Milo
    DD: Lyra Wren
    DD: Georgia Daisy (I actually had quadruplet boys here but I couldn't bring myself to give them floral middle names, sorry!)
    DS/DD/DS: Riley Dylan, Eloise Quinn, & Mac Hendrix
    DD: Waverly Camila
    DD: Harlow Pearl
    DS: Felix Leander
    DS: Nico Finn
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

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    Mother's name: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers

    Father's name: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Pregnancy #1: Girl; Mercy Alice Danvers

    Pregnancy #2: Boy; Justice Jeremy Danvers

    Pregnancy #3: Boy; Scorpio Charles Danvers

    Pregnancy #4: Girl; Evangeline Wren Danvers

    Pregnancy #5: Girl; Virginia Azalea Danvers

    Pregnancy #6: Boy; Jethro Blake Danvers

    Pregnancy #7: Boy; Kingsley Cristian Danvers

    Pregnancy #8: Girl; Harlow Pearl Danvers

    Pregnancy #9: Girl; Cassia Elena Danvers

    Pregnancy #10: Triplets, boy, boy, girl; Indigo Austin Danvers, Orion Chance Danvers, & Echo Blair Danvers

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    Mum: Lauren Grace. Dad: Paul Michael. Prg1: Hope Matilda and Justice Albert and Faith Lucinda. Prg2: Harley Henry. Prg3: Ruby Alice. Prg4: Winter Rachel. Prg5: Belle Juniper. Prg6: Riley Cooper. Prg7: Mckinley Xavier and Everly Liliana. Prg8: Harlow Genesis. Prg9: Atticus Gregory and Cassia Elena and Livia Christina. Prg10: Echo Ivy and Indigo Chance and Cairo Eli. ~~~ Laurie and Paul with: Hope, Justice, Faith, Harley, Rue, Winter, Belle, Riley, Mack, Ever, Harlow, Atti, Cassia, Livi, Echo, Indi, and Cairo!
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